Moments in Life

© Charles E. Corry 1999


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Let me know love

Lives anew this day.

Touch me softly

When you wake.




A thousand miles away,

Shadows of you still play

In the corners of my mind.


March Rain


The world was washed last night

And when I woke, all the cares

Of yesterday were gone.


All Hallows Eve


At sunrise, all the evening really meant,

A yellow mask of Halloween lying in the gutter.


Three Facets of Man


Objection, Revolution, and Enlightenment

Are the only achievements of the animal man.

All other gains or ambitions leave only

A gaping pit where once a man might have stood.


Witches Dance


Midnight draws its beaded curtain

Around the fringes of my being

As I dance and whirl into

This melody of a new day.


Love's Wine


We kiss, rain begins.

Tears of joy and sorrow

From misted eye.


Down 2 Flights on 48th and 8th


Music crashes round my ears of girdered steel.

Butterflies in alpine meadows flit unseen

Through my tinted glasses of opaque cement.

Gentle west wind brings cool scent of

Oceanside at eventide, but goes unsensed

In thronging streets of this non-entity.

And I have Hades' door enclosed,

For you see, I am the City.


Twilight Parting


When evening colors fade, we part,

Leaving only tattered remnants of myself

To face the night, and gardenia's scent.


Black Senses


Black is time in sight.

Black is decay in smell.

Black is sour in taste.

Black is cold in touch.

Black is raucous in sound.

Black is life without her.


An Evening Alone


Lush, romantic sounds fill the dancer's arms

At the ball I wandered to after leaving you.

Poems but little compensation for your absence.




When evening colors shade the distant land,

I find my hand seeks yours for company.

Life's winter-distance becomes the dream of spring

With other visions replaced, the bleakness gone to bloom,

Like roses in a vase of our other lives.




dove puff sails

on an inverted sea bowl

comprise beauty

whirlwind of torment

and hunger hidden

the man not evident

in their inventiveness




Early afternoon steals across the reasons of my mind

With your soft shadow outlining the desert of my no being apart from you.

Worlds in their nether orbits seeking refuge from an orange-swallowtail swamp

With haunting madness for return.


Yet in evening other fireflies shall wander

Through my visions with a certain microcosmic precision

That dwarfs my frustration in mockery, and holds me

Like a child to its breast, bringing forth

The life sustaining nourishment of you.


Evening Lights


Under evening lights

I frame and file

These picture memories of you

For future reference

In my loneliness.


Girl On The Beach


I saw you first

As a fair flower

Alone on the desert

Between sea and city.

The breeze whispering

Your mystery,

Carrying your scent

Into my dreams as I

Lost myself in you.


Come Away From Them


There exists in this no time

Other entities ill concealed

By the dark morass of your reasons,

Whose existence denies the vertigo

Of our gathered embrace,

With uncushioned horror,

Fomented in the attractive spittle,

Have they drawn you away.

Yet only you can escape them.

And if you succumb,

Then I shall not seek you,

For I have no desire for

Half-parts of their hate world.




Stand motionless, or run screaming,

With the sadness of twilight as a backdrop?

Write poems in defense against the nuances

Of my mundane surroundings?

Crush senseless music out of the pitter-patter

Of my aimless footfalls?

Paint nightmares in vivid hues

With only emptiness for pigments?

Or hold in my hand small bits of memories

Time, distance, dream distorted?


June's Grass


Torrid summer winds wilt the stems

Of my lush young life and I wave

But feeble stalks in this drought,

Leaving no resiliency to resist

Times heavy tread that

Pushes me down into dust,

Till even rain shall not restore,

But only embed me in death's mire

With no clear imprint left

In memory of my being.




Still the emptiness is there

Though I hide myself in clouds

And feather soft women.

Life is so cruel without you,

Bringing the scent of jasmine,

But not your soft touch.

Or sudden-clear sky after rainbows,

But not your smile or your caress.

I've run along so many paths,

Searched so many places where

I knew you weren't.


Cloud Mind


In the twilight, thoughts of you

Flash lightning, my clouded mind

Destroys its electric potential

With vivid blue-glare hues.


So soon the autumn life finds its way,

Wormlike, my flesh so fragile offered.

Scorched, love-fire passes under,

Yet its warmth is welcome.




Dig this odd fellow.

What a weird cat,

No inhibitions,

Free laughter,

And applause.


Dig this weird fellow.

What an odd cat,

Inhibited, conforming,

No laughter

Or applause.


After the Dance


After midnight sounds grow dim,

As I listen through my sleepy eyes,

To the tempo of your melody.

Other lives grow weak in our presence

And I have no other but this

Heartbeat where we merge.


Autumn Woods


Under autumn leaves

Lies tomorrows child,

Quiet sleep holds near,

Spring's gambols.




Polytimbered sound echoes in my vaulted mind,

Gone in search of you, finding

Only old friend loneliness.


Rhythms haunt me, rack my frame,

Gone in search of you, finding

Only teardrops lost last week.


Waves of time stand before me, sink as I approach.

Gone in search of you, finding

Only an eternity I can't want.


Lady of a Thousand Dreams


Hello, my lady of a thousand dreams and

Whispered verses on a thousand golden evenings.

Welcome to my waking hours,

The flesh of you, and your smile.

May you remain ever as now,

From time take only the finest.


Gray of Dawn


When night begins to tire, nods her head,

I seek refreshment in your laughter.

My being no abode for weariness.

Dancing lightly to your refrain

At dawn with the world around us

Facing timidly its awakening.


Quiet Hours


Send me quiet hours

For there has been no spring

Since last we touched.

The song of birds no longer

Fills the emptiness without you.


June Cottonwoods


Today a butterfly was dancing with the cotton in the wind.



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