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Walking — Spring

After rain last night,

Walking, then sudden-seen halo

All round the full moon.


Walking — Late Fall

Then evening came and

Found me unprepared for

Snowflakes in my hair.


Woods Hole

Hillside with crocuses

Guarded by one vigilant squirrel

On this April day.


Wind Bells

Wind bells very, very busy

Playing in this morning's breeze

Near the cottage door.


At Last Night's Campsite

Merry little brook.

What is so funny, keeping

You chuckling all time?


At the Art Gallery in Spring

In the gallery seen,

Through window, yellow flowers.

Turning, ugly pictures.


While Reading

Fragile butterfly

Lights on my book, silent friend.

Flies, takes part of me.



Walking through cherry trees,

This May day, we stop to shake

Petals from our hair.


Walking on a Winter Night

Wind penetrates my shell,

Chills my bones, only one warm spot,

Pocket holds ruby wine.


Summer Holiday

In the warm silence

Of the night I hear, startled,

Flower petals fall.


Pine Tree

Blue sky provides soft

Background for gnarled old pine tree

Outside my sickroom.



While dreaming, sudden

Summer rain has begun. See,

In my eye, first drop.



Insect on its back,

I turn him over, he walks on

My finger, then flies.


Summer Festival

All unexpected

Sunrise came and found me still,

Drinking, last night's wine.


Long Journey

The wind blows very cold,

Disturbs the tranquil sunrise.

I arise to go.



Laughing dream, sea beach,

Early evening, day just gone.

Moon's shadow shows one.


One Morning Near Summer

Running nimbly to

Escape, laughing, rushing waves.

A child at its play.


At the University

Wind brings forest smell,

While sitting drowsily in class.

Others gape when I leave.


Cherry Blossoms

On long, dull bus trip,

April morn, astonished, I see

Cherry blossoms on trees.


Leaving the City

Moon on dirty city snow,

Leaves discontent with civil fools.

I seek wilderness.


January Thaw

In midst snow and ice,

Comes a January thaw,

Ah, spring's bright flowers.



In your warm brown eyes

I see fierce depths of myself.

Stranger, streams other side.


Autumn Wine

Having drunk till dawn,

Sweet wine dreams fill my light head.

Is my snoring loud?


Winter's Evening

Left my hut last eve

To gaze at full moon on snow.

Haiku all I saw.


Sunset After Rain

Rainbow arches overhead,

Mountains turn blue while I dream,

Hearing bird's evensong.


Mountain Trail at Dusk

New moon on old snow,

Walking on high mountain trail,

Makes be blink, then yawn.


Thoughts of You

When hard at work, thoughts

Of you make me pause, I smile,

Go on, refreshed.



Snow falling round me

Quietly closes my eyes in peace,

And so sleep is born.



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