For My Lady, Gifts

© Charles E. Corry 1967, 1999


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Near San Diego, California

May 6

I send you summer brown grass and dust-green trees beside a watercourse.

On Mt. Whitney, California

July 10

I send you alpine juniper from a high granite peak and a snowball fight in summer.

Isla Angel de la Guarda, the Sea of Cortez

September 27

I send you the thrill of the first distant throb of a Coast Guard rescue plane after shipwreck on a waterless, unexplored desert island.

In the Patagonia Mountains, Arizona

July 25

I send you a saguaro's shade on a hot sun desert, and an eagle for company.

Driving through eastern Washington

August 9

I send you fields of ripening wheat with a soft summer breeze, and a cool, looking-glass lake in which to swim.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

September 5

I send you a phosphorescent wake with an escort of playing, laughing dolphins in the path of a crescent moon.

Off the east coast of Honshu, Japan

October 15

I send you thoughts of sleeping in each others arms and awakening to make love.

On Mt. Rainier

December 23

I send you a fireplace after a day of skiing and the moon on new-fallen snow.

The Oregon coast

April 29

I send you lonely, cliff-backed, wind-sky swept beach on which to walk and laugh, and sea-tide cave pools to explore, run, and play in.

In the Canadian Rockies

May 12

I send you blizzards to wander in and hurricanes to laugh with.

Port of Ensenada, Mexico

June 3

I send you the scent of jasmine at twilight, and a gentle, quiet kiss at ocean's side.

Exploring the Emperor Seamounts, the North Pacific

April 2

I send you books to read in which I've hidden poems telling of my love, and the melody of quiet love songs.

South of Norfolk Island, the Tasman Sea

February 22

I send you a deck at midnight under highways of stars running down to the Southern Cross.

Logan Canyon, Utah

June 15

I send you wild roses in a thicket, and the taste of strawberries picked, eaten, in a wood.

In the Ruby Mountains, Nevada

July 10

I send you a cabin alone in a glade and a twilight walk with the smell of new-mown hay.

Above Weber Canyon, the Wasatch Mountains, Utah

July 20

I send you a wild scramble in the dark down stair-step ledges ahead of a forest fire that turned at dusk with a change in the wind.

Near Cedar Breaks, Utah

September 20

I send you my white, brown-black sheep dog to run with and have near, and a crisp fall evening near a campfire.

Along the Escalante River, Utah

June 10

I send you sheer, red-deep canyons, high, wide, piñon-clad mesas, and sudden summer thunderstorms.

In Butte, Montana

January 1

I send you winter evenings walking through softly falling snow and the tinkling laughter of a sleigh ride.

Mt. Popocatépetl, Mexico

January 25

I send you danger and the threat of death on a high, windstorm swept glacier, and a bitter, fighting retreat in defeat from the mountain's face.

Train to San Jose, Costa Rica

June 29

I send you warm, lush tropical nights, and fireflies to weave into your hair with my thoughts of you.

On Red Mountain in the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

November 18

I send you the loneliness of a snowbound camp with food running out, and the beauty of the sun, and silence, after weeks in a howling blizzard.

Near Concord, Massachusetts

February 12

I send you the million-faceted diamond of an early morning sun while walking through an ice-sheathed wood.

Yome Shima, the Bonin Islands

May 20

I send you the laughter of a tropical island and running after weeks at sea.

Hong Kong Colony

June 10

I send you a walk up an ancient flagstone staircase to a Buddhist shrine.

Bahia de los Angeles, the Sea of Cortez

September 24

I send you a snug, safe harbor after endless, sleepless hours at sea in a storm.

The Solitario, Big Bend area of Texas

December 10

I send you a suddenly rearing horse and the scent of lion, with sunsets over ridges as old as life.

Peek-A-Boo trail, Bryce Canyon, Utah

August 28

I send you slowly unfolding vistas of sublime beauty and lunch with a chipmunk for company.

Boulder, Colorado

October 11

I send you the first, soft caress of dawn on jagged peaks and the colors of fall washing down into the valley.

Valley of the Gods, near Mexican Hat, Utah

January 7

I send you a land in which you are closer to whatever gods you worship.

On Bear Creek west of Colorado Springs

April 4

I send you daffodils blooming through snow and a creek chuckling in its bed through the night.

Meramec Springs, Missouri

October 28

I send you an ancient ironworks now covered with dancing autumn leaves.

The Canadian Rockies, west of Banff

November 10

I send you a cold and gray November day on which we've nothing to do but snuggle and play.

Cape Mendocino, California

November 23

I send you a wind-swept gray beach at the western tip of our land with only thousands of miles of ocean beyond.

3196 Pacific Avenue, Ogden, Utah

April 19

I send you memories of an old house alongside the railroad tracks and the woods and river across them where we swam and played as boys.

Fresno Canyon north of Lajitas, Big Bend Texas

June 1

I send you cottonwood drifting lazily on a summer breeze.

Manitou Springs, Colorado

August 29

I send you the laughter of a child playing with her father.

In a basin east of Ely, Nevada

October 15

I send you cloud shadows racing across mountain ranges and a snow squall in the distance.

From wherever I may wander

All time

I send you gifts beyond giving, life beyond fetters and, with all, I send love.



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